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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If there isn’t an answer to your query, please contact info(at)zippy.fi.



Do we need to book a time for the adventure?

You don’t need a reservation to come for an adventure during our opening hours. However, we recommend groups (+12 person) pre-book an adventure time slot so that everybody can start their adventure at the appointed time. You can make a reservation at info(at)zippy.fi.

How much time should we reserve for the adventure?

You should reserve 2-3 hours for the adventure. The adventure ticket entitles you to three (3) fun-filled hours of adventuring. We recommend you reserve 1-1.5 hours for the Kids’ Land.

Please note that the ticket office closes 1.5 hours before the closing time. We start closing the starts of the adventure courses half an hour before closing time. If you start your adventure with less than three hours until closing, the remainder of your adventure time will not be refunded.

Do I need to pay the price of the adventure ticket if I’m cheering others on from the ground?

No, you don’t. You get an adventure ticket only if you embark on the adventure courses. Supporters on the ground are warmly encouraged to cheer adventurers on, take pictures or even film the adventure!

We’d like to have a shower after the adventure. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. You can use Talihalli’s (Tali Leisure Centre) excellent shower and sauna facilities for 4 € per person.

I’ve received an adventure ticket as a gift. How long are the tickets valid?

Gift cards and online tickets are valid for the adventure season unless otherwise specified. The period of validity is mentioned in the ticket’s product description. We start selling tickets for the next adventure season in the autumn.

My child is turning 12 this year. Can they come for an adventure with their friend without a supervisor?

The age restrictions are determined by year of birth. Therefore if they are turning 12 this year, they are allowed to come for an adventure without a supervisor, providing they have consent of their guardian. If the guardian accepts and signs the adventure park rules in advance (for example on a smart phone or tablet), it will speed up the process for the young people at the ticket office. You can access the rules here.

How far is Zippy from downtown Helsinki?

Zippy is about 6 km from the Central Railway Station. From Kamppi, right in the heart of Helsinki, it’s a convenient 20-minute bus ride. For example buses 39 and 14 will bring you right next to the adventure park. Tram number 4 also stops fairly close . Find the route best suited for you on the Journey Planner service at reittiopas.fi (destination: Huopalahdentie 28.) You can also find your way conveniently by car, and there is free and ample parking space in front of the park. Also, you can take a city bike from the city center and take some pre-exercise before adventure!

How do I get to Adventure Park Zippy from central Helsinki?

From Kamppi, right in the centre of Helsinki, it’s a convenient 20-minute bus ride. Buses 39 and 14 will bring you right next to the adventure park. Tram number 4 also stops fairly close to the adventure park. Find the route best suited for you on the Journey Planner (destination: Huopalahdentie 28)  service. You can also find your way conveniently by car or coach – there is ample parking space in front of the park.

We’re arriving by car. Where are the closest parking spaces?

There’s lots of room to park in the parking area in front of Adventure Park Zippy – parking is free of charge, but don’t forget to set your parking disc! Adventurers can also do an ecological deed and arrive on foot, by bike, bus or tram.

How do you ensure the safety of the adventure park?

At Adventure Park Zippy we use continuous belay systems which meet the highest safety standards. Using the belay system is easy and does not require prior know-how.

The adventure courses meet the Finnish Standards Association’s requirements EN15567-1 and EN15567-2. In addition to regular checks, safety equipment is checked after each use. The courses are inspected daily and are maintained regularly. The safety of the courses has been audited prior to the park opening and is audited annually by an external independent body.

How do I get off the adventure course if my courage or fitness fails me?

We will always cheer you on and give you tips on how to advance so that you can make it to the end of the adventure course! Sometimes, however, the adventure course may seem too challenging in relation to the adventurer’s courage or fitness level. In these cases our staff will come and lower you down primarily from the mid-way exits. We always have rescue-skilled staff available at the adventure park, so if necessary we can also lower you down from the course at any point.

Can I complete the adventure courses in the order of my choice?

Adventurers always begin their adventure from the easiest course and progress onto the more challenging ones. The courses are classified according to the level of difficulty on a colour-code scale: green (easy)-blue-red-black (very difficult). The adventure instructors, ZippyCoaches, will help you choose the appropriate course. If you have been on an adventure at Zippy beforehand, you may complete the courses in the order of your choice – otherwise it is recommended to advance in order from easy to more challenging.

You can go at your own pace on the adventure courses – throughout the course we have intersections where you can let faster adventurers get past you, or where you can overtake an adventurer who prefers a more leisurely pace.



Our group would like to come on an adventure. Is it possible to pre-book?

Yes, it is, and we definitely recommend pre-booking for larger groups of adventurers (at least six adventurers)! Reserve an adventure time in advance at info(at)zippy.fi, or make a booking by phoning +358 46 920 0101 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm). Please note that we are open for groups also outside normal opening hours!

What kinds of groups are suited for the adventure?

We have courses for adventurers of nearly every age and every fitness level; therefore we are able to provide a memorable experience for every group! From workers’ teambuilding or recreational days, school class trips and kindergarten outings to bachelor/bachelorette parties and birthday groups, we can provide you with an unforgettable adventure! We recommend groups pre-book at info(at)zippy.fi.

How big can a group for Adventure Park Zippy be?

The size of a group of adventurers can be anywhere from six to 120. Groups are encouraged to reserve 1.5-3 hours depending on the size and adventure enthusiasm of the group. Larger work groups are more than welcome – our adventure courses cater for up to 120 adventurers, and thanks to our staggered timetable we can provide memorable experiences for multiple groups of over 100 people.

For example, we organise adventure and outing days for groups of 50-300 people. In addition to our adventures, you can experience some unforgettable moments in the beautiful nature through orienteering, Nordic walking and Frisbee golf, to mention a few. The nearby Tali Leisure Centre offers other sporty activities (badminton, squash, tennis, bowling, aerobics, golf).

What kind of weather provision is there for the adventure?

You can come for an adventure at Adventure Park Zippy in practically any weather. However, the adventure courses have to be closed in cases of thunder, storms or strong wind. Adventurers are encouraged to come for the adventure in clothing appropriate for the weather – last year we received excellent feedback from rainy day adventurers, since the park was often practically in their own private use! J If your adventure is cut short due to weather (and you’ve been on your adventure for less than 1.5 h), you get a free entrance ticket to the park for the ongoing season.

Part of our group are not keen on adventuring – what other fun activities could they do?

Cheering, taking photos and videos as well as any kind of supporting from the ground is most definitely encouraged! For larger groups (10+ people) we also organise orienteering and the opportunity to learn and practise Nordic walking and frisbeegolf. The nearby Tali Leisure Centre offers other sporty activities (badminton, squash, tennis, bowling, aerobics, golf).

We’d like to spend a teambuilding and recreational day as a group of co-workers at Adventure Park Zippy. We’ll need to use a conference room before the adventure. What do you recommend?

The Tali Leisure Centre provides a wonderful setting for teambuilding and recreational days. To enquire about conference rooms, please contact the service providers, Talihalli or Tali Bowling Alley directly. Both are located right next to Adventure Park Zippy.

We will need sauna facilities after our adventure. Are there any located close to the adventure park?

Yes, there are. Talihalli and Tali Bowling Alley offer splendid sauna facilities. Both are situated right next to Adventure Park Zippy. Please contact the service providers directly for opening hours and bookings.

Can we visit Zippy on a class outing?

Most definitely! At Adventure Park Zippy you have the opportunity to spend an epic time with your class mates, surrounded by magnificent nature! It is easy to arrive by coach, for example, as there is ample parking space in front of the park. Queries and bookings info(at)zippy.fi and +358 46 920 0101 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm).

We’re celebrating our child’s 10th birthday with 15 little birthday guests, all the same age. How many supervisors do we need?

Two. Adults can supervise 10-12-year-olds from the ground. If there are under 10-year-olds participating, we recommend the supervising adult goes on the adventure course with the children. Providing they have parental permission, over 12-year-olds can also come on an adventure with a group of friends.

Do supervisors need to pay at a child’s birthday party adventure?

No, they don’t. Supervisors support and, when needed, assist little adventurers (max. 140 cm) from the ground. Under 10-year-olds (120+ cm) must be accompanied by a supervisor on the adventure courses. Supervisors can join the birthday group free of charge, one adult per five children (others pay the regular price). Please note that this offer is only for pre-booked birthday party adventures (you cannot purchase the offer at the ticket office)! 10-12-year-old adventurers are supervised and supported from the ground and 12-year-olds and over can come on an adventure with a group of friends.

Can bachelor and bachelorette party groups (or stag dos / hen parties) come on an adventure?

Of course! Groups are encouraged to book in advance and to keep in mind that alcoholic drinks shouldn’t be consumed before the adventure. Consuming alcoholic drinks, tobacco products or other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited on the Adventure Park Zippy courses as well as the adventure course areas. You can have fun with us here by outdoing yourself in a sporty, active atmosphere!

We’re having a bachelor/bachelorette party. Can the star of the day wear a funny costume during their adventure?

Many funny costumes are appropriate for an adventure. The most important thing to consider is that the costume doesn’t pose a risk of getting entangled or stuck on the course, and that the star is wearing shoes that won’t fall off! We will assess the suitability of the costume on the practice course. We’ve had bunnies, gorillas, escaped convicts and numerous other fun characters come on an adventure with us.


What are the Zippy Zombie Adventures?

Adventurers of all ages and sizes are welcome to join us for more adventures on the Autumn Holiday week, Thurs-Sat 20-22.10.2016, 12pm-6pm. At 7pm we commence our popular Zippy Zombie Adventures! Get your ticket in advance here. The recommended age for the Zombie Adventures is 12+ (the adventure includes surprises which may be too exciting for younger adventurers). Depending on the booking situation, you can use gift cards for the Zombie Adventures by paying the remaining sum at the ticket office.




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