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Courses at Adventure Park Zippy

Adventure Park Zippy offers breathtaking and athletic experiences to adventurers of all ages. In addition,  Adventure Park Zippy offers unique outdoor nature experiences, as the adventure courses spread out over an area of several hectares. Adventure Park Zippy provides fun and memorable nature experiences just 6 km from the Helsinki main railway station!

The adventure courses have been classified according to the level of difficulty on a colour code scale from the easiest to the most challenging as follows: green (easy)- blue – red – black (very difficult). In addition, Zippy has a Kids’ Land for small adventurers (< 140 cm).

Adventure Park Zippy has nine courses:

  • 2 practice courses
  • 2 Kids’ Land courses
  • 2 green courses
  • 1 blue course
  • 1 red course
  • 1 black course

The green and blue courses are excellent for families as well as groups of coworkers or friends. We recommend first-timers start their adventures with the easiest green course and gradually advance to more challenging ones. Tackling the red and black courses not only requires courage but also good physical fitness. Please check the height requirements for each individual course before you start advancing along it. The staff of Zippy is happy to help you and give advice with the courses – and help you to find the appropriate amount of fun and excitement!


The Practice Courses

Before you start your adventure, you get instructions on how to use Saferoller’s continuous belay system on the courses. As part of an introductory part, all first-time adventurers at Zippy test the use of continuous belay system on our practice courses. Once the adventurer is familiar with using the safety equipment, they can move on to the actual courses. You can proceed along the courses independently or with your own group, and our trained ZippyCoaches are always available to help, encourage and give tips on how to move forward!

The staff of Zippy is happy to help you and give advice with the courses – and help you to find the appropriate amount of fun and excitement!

Kids’ Land | Pikku-Haukka & Liito-Orava

Our Kids’ Land welcomes all adventurers who are under 140 cm tall. It uses the same safety system that is used on higher Zippy courses. After participating in a short introductory part, Kids’ Land adventurers are ready to set off on their adventure. The only prerequisite for going on an adventure course in the Kids’ Land is being able to walk steadily. In other words, there is no minimum age limit, but the adventurer must be able to move forward steadily on their own feet. The adventure courses contain similar activities as the higher courses, including zip-lines, nets and sledging. Kids’ Land courses are set up at 1-2 metres from the ground, allowing the supervising adult to assist the little adventurers when necessary!

Columbia | Green

  • level of difficulty: easy
  • min. height of adventurer: 120 cm (under 10 years old adventurers accompanied by adult)
  • amount of challenges: 8
  • estimated time: 20 min
  • description: This is where the adventure begins. The easiest green course, which is a few metres above the ground, is a great way to get a taste of adventure. The course consists of eight activities and includes a pleasant and easy zip-line, among other things. The level of the course is green or easy.

Zippy | Green

  • level of difficulty: fairly easy
  • min. height of adventurer: 120 cm (under 10 years old adventurers accompanied by adult)
  • amount of challenges: 10
  • estimated time: 30 min.
  • description: This course, which consists of ten activities, offers a little more challenge to adventurers. With its fun climbing wall, two zip-lines, a cable car and swaying logs, it is defined as green or fairly easy.

HeiaHeia | Blue

  • level of difficulty: medium
  • min. height of adventurer: 140 cm
  • amount of challenges: 15
  • estimated time: 45-60 min.
  • description: Super fun course with many sliding activities. Towards the beginning of the course there is a 100-metre zip-line that provides a wonderful urban view over the bowling alley close by. On this almost half-a-kilometre-long course you will be sliding in one way or another in five different activities, so you will make your way along it quite smoothly! The course includes a total of 15 activities, allowing you to test your climbing skills, balance and courage. The level of difficulty is blue or medium. The Blue Course is a wonderful way to spend time together with family, friends or colleagues.

Hehku |Red

  • level of difficulty: difficult
  • min. height of adventurer: 140 cm
  • amount of challenges: 13
  • estimated time: 45-60 min
  • description: This course offers a lot more challenge than the previous ones. It is surrounded by magnificent primeval-like forest, offering a real nature adventure. The adventure course consists of 13 activities and its height varies between 3 and 15 metres. While the tightrope may make you a little wobbly and light-headed, the skipping rope bridge and parrot ladder will get your adrenalin up nicely.

TehoSport | Black

  • level of difficulty: very difficult
  • min. height of adventurer: 140 cm
  • amount of challenges: 4
  • estimated time: 20-40 min.
  • description: A short course that includes extremely difficult parts. Walking across the aerial saucer bridge may result in getting some serious abs! Adventurers can proceed to the black course only after completing the red course.
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