Adventure at Zippy

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Before the Adventure

Located only 6 km from the Central Railway Station in Helsinki, Adventure Park Zippy is easy to get to. Most adventurers arrive by bike or on public transportation, and there’s also plenty of parking spaces in front of the Adventure Park.

It’s advisable to wear clothing suited for an active day in a forest environment and shoes that stay on well. It’s possible to embark on an adventure almost regardless of the weather, as long as you are wearing clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. Scarves and other similar accessories shouldn’t be taken beyond the starting point and long hair should be tied back, for example in a ponytail. You can bring gloves suitable for climbing with you or buy them on location (4 €). We provide all necessary safety equipment.

If you’d like to speed up setting off on your adventure, familiarise yourself with and accept our adventure park regulations already in advance. This is easily done on a smartphone or iPad. The guardian of underage (under 18 years) adventurers needs to give their consent for minors going on an adventure by accepting the regulations and providing the names of the underage adventurers under ‘minors I’m responsible for’.

It’s good to take note of height and weight limitations already before arriving at the park. Adventure Park Zippy offers adventure courses of many different levels, with the minimum height limit indicated at the beginning of each course. The maximum weight limitation for the courses is 120 kg, or 60 kg for Kids’ Land adventurers. If you’re planning a programme for a party, it’s good to note that alcoholic party drinks shouldn’t be consumed until after the adventure. By following our regulations, you can ensure an enjoyable adventure experience!

When arriving at the adventure park, bring along a cheerful adventure mindset!

During the Adventure

On arrival, you will accept the adventure park regulations and acquire an adventure ticket. Next you’ll be provided with the necessary safety equipment. Our staff will assist you in getting into your safety gear. After this, you’ll participate in an introductory part and get to practise using the safety system on practice courses, which are about 2 metres above the ground. Our safety system is very easy to use and meets the highest safety standards.

After the introductory part, you can move on to the adventure courses. Start with the easiest course and proceed from there to the more challenging ones. The courses have been classified according to their level of difficulty as green (easy) – blue – red – black (very difficult). Our ZippyCoaches will help in finding the right level for you. On the adventure courses you can proceed at your own pace – some of the courses have sections for overtaking, allowing you to overtake adventurers proceeding more slowly than you or let adventurers faster than you go past. Our adventure guides, or ZippyCoaches, circulate around the adventure park continuously and are always available for tips on how to move forward along a course.

While the adventure ticket provides you with 3 hours of adventure time, 1.5 to 2 hours is an adequate amount of time for most adventurers. After your adventure, you return your adventure equipment to the collection point in the starting area. We’ll also be happy to receive feedback on what your experience was like!

Cheering on your friends at Adventure Park Zippy is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

After the Adventure

A little bit of stretching after the adventure is a good idea! You can also give us tips and ideas on how we can best serve you in the future by sending an email to info(at) And you might want to use TripAdvisor to share your Zippy experience.

Do you have unanswered questions about the adventure? Check our Frequently Asked Questions to see if you can find the answers there. If not, email us at


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