Adventure Park Zippy – high tree rope park at Helsinki

Zippy - memorable moments for adventurers of all ages next to city center of Helsinki

News from Zippy: Welcome 5.5 -> (March 15, 2017)

Welcome to Adventure Park Zippy, Helsinki!

Zip lines, ladders, trapezes, swings and other challenges in the middle of a beautiful forest next to city center of Helsinki will make your adventure experience truly memorable. Adventure Park Zippy is one of the largest high tree rope park in Finland, and it offers memorable moments for adventurers of all ages. We have adventure courses of different levels of difficulty to ensure you get an appropriate amount of excitement and adrenaline. Also, we have a Kids’ Land for toddlers and children.

It is easy to arrive us by public transportation, by car or even by city bike, because Zippy locates only 6 km from Helsinki main railway station.

Welcome to have fun and exceed yourself to Adventure Park Zippy

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Have a great day with your colleagues, schoolmates and friends!

Whopping birthday, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and well-being and recreation days for companies and teams starts from Zippy! Also, we offer fun sports days, nature adventures, class trips and other activity days to schools, preschools and kindergartens. Bookings: info(at)
A day with a lot of fun!

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